The Speakers

Ellen Bourn

Medium, Psychic, Master Astrologer, Homeopath

Reverend Ellen Bourn’s expertise is world-renowned. Discovering her Gifts as a child, she has spent her life expanding and honing them. She is the former President of Lily Dale and founded the “Light of Truth Church” in Buffalo, NY. She’s also an R.N., Medium, Kabbalist, Tarot expert, Reiki Master and Homeopath, providing healing insights and touching lives all over the world.

Notorious Birth Charts: Free Will vs. Destiny

A who’s who in the pantheon of planets! What motivates the Personality/Soul to make choices on this incarnation? We will explore the birth charts of a special group of persons. Learn how these mysteries can be unraveled. 

Sandra-Leigh Serio

Master Astrologer

Sandra-Leigh, M.A. Psychology, is certified by ISAR, AFA and OPA as a professional astrologer and has written many articles including the Mountain Astrologer and Llewellyn Publications. She has appeared twice on George Noory’s Beyond Belief television show. She is a Past President of the Rocky Mountain Astrologers and served on many astrological boards.

The Vertex: The Most Overlooked Tool in a Birth Chart

The vertex is mysterious, fated and often overlooked by most astrologers. It is the 3rd angle in a chart and has a primary role to bring fated encounters to your life to enhance your evolutionary journey. If you don’t know your Vertex degree, submit your birth information to me ahead of time. 



Award-Winning Astrologer

David Cochrane, MA is a regular speaker at international astrology conferences, the winner of several awards including the 2018 Regulus Award for Discovery, Innovation, and Research, board member and past President of ISAR, and he has created over 330 free youtube tutorial videos. He also helps astrologers with research projects.

Workshop: The Vibrational Astrology Experience

David will teach Vibrational Astrology by giving mini-readings for at least 6 attendees. You will learn the fundamentals of Vibrational Astrology through this direct experience, and you will learn a clear set of rules for interpreting birth charts using Vibrational Astrology that you can apply in your own chart readings.

New Astrological Keys to Romantic Compatibility

Research of happily married couples reveals keys to astrological compatibility that combine insights from modern western astrology, Vedic astrology, and the modern idea of midpoints in an elegant way. We will learn how to determine if you have these special astrological connections with your romantic partner.



Master Astrologer, Interfaith Minister

Pam has over 40 years of experience practicing, studying and teaching astrology and is an interfaith minister. She opened and directs the Midwest School of Astrology where she is well-loved as a teacher. She sits on the board of the Avalon School of Astrology and has lectured at the Kepler Institute in Belgrade, Serbia. 

Dark Moon Lilith and Our Dance with the Shadow

Understand the different Liliths and what they represent.  How do we track the Dark Moon Lilith? What can this point show us in the natal chart?  How does the transiting position cycle? What is the mystery of the transiting Lilith? Come see some examples of the transiting shadow.

Spiritual Growth Shown in the Chart

Starting with identifying energy balance and chart expression, we will examine soul history versus soul growth in the natal chart.  Old patterns are shown through 12th and 5th house planetary placements. We will also look at applying and separating aspects.


Master Astrologer, Speaker

Richard Weber has studied Astrology for over 30 year and it has helped him understand himself, his relationships and life changing events. His practice includes working psychic fairs, a party entertainer and giving private readings. Richard has written for NCGR and Body, Mind, Spirit Guide. He has spoken at many groups and is GLAC co-founder. 

Planetary Aspects: Their Underlying Meaning

When we normally look at aspects, we lump them together as either difficult or easy. What we often don’t look at is their underlying meaning and motivation. This lecture will explore not only their underlying meaning but also their rank by difficulty or ease. Bring your chart to see how this applies to you.



International Healer, Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Sound Healing Practitioner

Suzy Woo is an international healer, astrologer, psychic medium and sound healing practitioner with a private practice in Orchard Park, NY. She brings her enthusiastic energy around the world with her signature demonstrations, workshops, classes and retreats.    

Planets and Chakras

Explore how the celestial bodies in the sky talk to, impact and govern our individual physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Discover the story, the symbolism, and the correlation of how each planet, along with the sun and moon, impact our lives on clear and cyclical fashion!



Astrologer, Lecturer,
Graphic Design Professional

Diane received her Level IV Certification through the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR). She is a practicing Astrologer, offers ‘A Look at the Month Ahead’ online course via International Academy of Astrology (IAA) and Secretary on the Lake County Astrological Association, LCAA Board.

Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius

In December 2020, revolutionary changes are in-store, ‘integrating the authority we have earned with new ideas for future innovation. It will be time to build and make progressive changes for the growth of OUR ‘team’. Learn how and where this may restructure and reinvent YOUR life, based on your sun sign.

The USA Pluto Return

In February of 2022, The United States will have ‘completed’ the expression of what our founding fathers established her to be. The United States is set to be reborn. Who will we become? A brief look at other countries who have gone through a Pluto return and what we might expect.



Astrology Consultant, Lecturer, Teacher

Ronnie is an internationally-known consultant, lecturer, and teacher based in NYC. She has written numerous books and articles including Vedic Astrology and Venus. Ronnie lectures on Indian Cosmology for the M.A. Program in Cultural Astronomy at University of Wales. She received her M.A. in South Asian Languages from Columbia University.

Astro*Carto*Graphy Secrets Revealed

Using the late Jim Lewis’ concept of seeing where in the world your natal planets are angular, Ronnie will draw on years of working with ACG and with Jim himself to show how to pinpoint locations that do and not resonate. Case studies with angular planets, transits and parans (mundane aspects) give informative and surprising results.

Venus and Mars Cycles: Do Opposites Really Attract?

Venus and Mars retrograde cycles are as different as male/female, love/hate, day/night…but are they really? We will examine their cycles and see what happens on a natal and mundane level when these planets go retrograde and direct. This is an important year in those cycles since they retrograded just a few months apart. Tropical and Sidereal (Vedic) positions are shown.



Medium, Astrology Practitioner, Massage Therapist

Cassandra Joan Butler, MS, LMT is a medium and noted practitioner of astrology, spiritual development and massage. She has lectured at UAC, SOTA, the Kepler Conference, and Lily Dale Assembly. She blends astrology with a healing ministry. She is the president of the NCGR Buffalo NY Chapter and writes for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency’ an international astrology website. 

Moon Manifestations: Lunar Lights on the Pathway

Working consciously with the moon's cycles can enhance your productivity, your personal growth and connect you with the great cosmic clock. In this lecture you will learn how to set goals, deepen your spiritual practices, discover personal power times and how your specialized Moon qualities relate to your spiritual growth.

The Astrology of the Spiritual ‘Age’

The conjunction of Pluto and Neptune in 1892 has relevance today and will continue to reverberate through the 2020’s. This lecture will describe the spiritual significance of the Pluto/Neptune cycle, how you can enhance your spiritual development and identify future points of collective spiritual shifts and also integrate historic patterns relevant to spirituality. 


Gary P. Caton

Transdisciplinary Astrologer

Gary is a transdisciplinary astrologer who maintains an active sacred relationship with the living Sky as his temple. Initiated an astrologer by a magnificent dream in 1993, Gary is the author of Hermetica Triptycha: The Mercury Elemental Year, and host of the popular Hermetic Astrology Podcast.

36 Decans & the Minor Arcana of the Tarot 

In the Golden Dawn system, each of the Decans are associated with one of the minor arcana or numbered cards of the four “suits.” We’ll look at this system and play with the cards that go with current planetary transits from the ruling planet of a Decan.

The Mercury Elemental Year

Mercury spends more time in the signs of one element each year than all the other three elements combined! Discover how to harness the transformative power of the Elements and which years favor what elemental magic.


Franco Minatel

Astrologer, Mechanical Engineer, Musician, Omnimancer, Energy Worker

Franco is a Renaissance Man: Astrologer, mechanical engineer, musician, a runner, omnimancer, and energy worker. He has spoken at various Astrology conferences in North America, Italy and India. He has been published in various publications including the Mountain Astrologer, Dell Horoscope and the Well Being Journal. He is the co-director of Alphee Lavoie’s Astrological Investigators. 

The Astrology of the 27 Club 

The 27 Club is a group of musicians that died prematurely at the age of 27 from overdoses, suicide, or accident. Using astrological research techniques Franco has developed an AI model to predict if people have the potential to be 27 club members.

Tales of an Astro-Detective 

Horary means of the hour. In astrology, based on the time a question is put to an astrologer, you can locate missing objects. Get out your finger print kit, magnifying glass, and notebook, and Join Detective Franco in trying to solve a few cases studies.


Adam Gainsburg

Creator, Soulsign Astrology

Adam created Soulsign Astrology to invigorate today’s astrologers with the living intelligence of a reunited Sky + Chart as direct experience. His work includes the heliacal cycles of the visible planets, a tantric map of Venus and Mars and a developmental progression of Chironic wholeness.    

All Conjunctions Are Not Created Equally

Adam will offer a re-examination of the actual dynamic of an astrological conjunction, considering planetary Sky Factors such as brightness, speed and Earth proximity and demonstrating how they offer a more robust delineation of the conjunction. We explore these considerations in concert with sign, house other chart factors.

From Wound to Medicine with Chiron

Chiron symbolizes how the heart’s innate wisdom reveals and heals our subconscious beliefs or separation. Our separateness is the foundation of what makes us human and is the basis for our ego. In this lecture, Adam will map out his unique model of the 4-stages of Chironic Wholeness. 

Dawn Silver

Naprapath, Astrologer, Crystal Healer, Herbalist

Dawn Silver is a Naprapath, Astrologer, Crystal Healer and Herbalist. Her book, Jewels of the Lotus Tibetan Gemstone Oracle was the recipient of the international Visionary Arts Award. She has lectured internationally, taught on spiritual cruises, lectured for NCGR, ISAR, FOA and SOTA, for various nutritional symposiums, Light Workers, Global Pyramid and Crystal Conferences.

Midpoints in Healing: Shining the Light on Hidden Planetary Physiology

Midpoints offer profound clarity in diagnosing physical health conditions giving dimension to the classic health pictures shown by the planets, signs and aspects.  Let’s delve into various midpoints combos and how they affect: circulation, heart, kidneys, respiration, injury/accident/joint and degeneration, immune/wasting disorders, fertility and more. Learn to calculate your metabolic midpoint.

Excavating Your Astrological Reincarnation Story 

This lecture is a practicum, on finding the Reincarnation Story in the Birth Chart uncovering themes, intents and potentials. We will look at the nodes, 12th house and ruler, planets in the 12th, midpoints, asteroids & more.  Patterns often come together to form a picture of past-life time themes that likely influence your present incarnation. Bring your natal chart to the lecture. I will bring examples. We shall journey into accessing your own story. 

Anne OrtElee

Astrology Consultant, Lecturer, Teacher

Anne is a certified astrologer by ISAR-CAP, AMAFA, NCGR-PAA Level 3 and OPA. She has a busy consulting practice in New York City. Since She volunteers for astrology organizations and lectures at local, regional and national conferences. Anne is currently the Treasurer for OPA. She writes an internet column and has a regular podcast. 

Workshop: Planetary Stations

Every planet stations and changes direction. When this happens, the lessons of the planet stand out in stark relief. Like the game of musical chairs when the music stops, we scramble for perspective and wisdom. This workshop will cover planetary stations in all their glory!


Mars is our principle of action, individuation, war and sex ~ how do we get what we want? This year Mars is retrograde in Aries really teaching us all about his energy! Let’s have a sit down with the Lord of War!

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