Professional and amateur astrologers alike will acquire a deeper understanding of the underpinnings of astrology. While delving in to everything new and fresh with the prime thought leaders in astrology.

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Learn from leading experts in astrology

The Astrology Gathering 2020

Sept 23-26, 2021

Thursday - Sunday

Lily Dale,

New York 14752

The Astrology Gathering 2021, set in historic Lily Dale

Join us in the Spiritualist mecca, Lily Dale, New York, for our inaugural conference. The Astrology Gathering (TAG) 2021 will immerse you in a special energy of nature in our retreat-like setting. The spiritual flavor of Lily Dale is a unique and lovely spot to share and learn together.

Lily Dale, New York is a place of pilgrimage for many Spiritualists and others interested in Spiritualism, the paranormal, energy healing, the art of astrology and more.

The Astrology Gathering  |  2021

Lily Dale, New York


Master Astrologer, Medium, Psychic, Homeopath

TAG 2021


We are blessed and honored to share time with 2021's prime thought leaders in Astrology.


Master Astrologer

The Astrology Gathering Conference 2020

Master Astrologer, 

Interfaith Minister

International Healer, Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Sound Healing Practitioner 

Astrologer, Lecturer, Graphic Design Professional

Master Astrologer

Master Astrologer, Consultant, Lecturer, Teacher

Transdisciplinary Astrologer

Astrologer, Mechanical Engineer, Musician,  Omnimancer, Energy Worker

Medium, Astrologer, Practitioner of Spiritual Development, Massage

Naprapath, Astrologer, Crystal Healer, Herbalist

Certified Astrologer, Lecturer


Author, Solivagant, Clinical Mental Health Counselor